Monday, December 22, 2008


Congratulate me. I am experiencing my first ever headache. I've reached a real milestone in my life where I can massage my temples, pop Tylenol, and say my head is throbbing, pounding, killing and all the other things headache people say.

Don't know how people have them on a regular basis. I am not functioning and my face is exerting random spasms in response to the pain.

My students think I'm losing my mind.


  1. I've B"H never had a headache yet either, and I always wanted to say those words, that I got my first head ache. I know people are always complaining about migraines and such, and I can't associate.

    Although It could be I've gotten a headache and just never knew what it was

    Feel better!

  2. you guys are so funny-why would you WANT a headache?

  3. Tembow: Just to say that I had one? lol

  4. Omg you can't imagine what you are missing out in life! Headaches?!?

  5. Yeah, you poor dears... LOL I cannot relate to this at all! Maybe I was born with a headache...


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