Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sacred Hair

This is about shaitels. No, not indian hair, but why are girls who have blown their hair to perfection in singlhood terrified to touch a wisp on their shaitel by themselves?

Hair is hair. It may have a different texture, length and style than your orginal, but shaitel hair is still made of the same components and acts like regular hair. You can blow it using the same or modified techiniques that you used on your own hair.

I saved myself $100 this month by washing and setting my own shaitel...can't understand why someone else wouldn't do the same....at least try with your week day shaitel!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Irrelevant Gesture

I was wondering if when drivers raise their hand in gesture of thanks to another driver letting them pass, waiting patiently pr whatever - does the other driver even see?

I mean I can hardly make out a constant face let alone a hand waving for a moment.

So who are gestures for, the person making it, knowing they are doing the right thing.

Or are gestures meant to be received? In that case, this hand waving gesture should be phased out.

However, going back to the previous statement...I very often find gestures are only there to soothe the person doing its conscience.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The history teacher brought in video clips for my (and her) students to see the difference between war back then, and now. Forget about what they are fighting over, those few reasons never change, but how the wars are fought, tactics, weapons, and the like.

This is going to sound a bit odd, but I think I may prefer today's tactics than that of yesteryear. Knifes, swords, arrows and other sharp objects scare the heck out me. They can be all over the place, used with such skill, dexterity and can carve person into a "flower" in a few well put strikes.

A gun, yes, it's does more damage, in long distances and possibly more penetrable, but it's not as gory. It's more predictable (in a way). It's not, where is the knife, how is he holding it, how does he use it, gashing, gaping, ripping the body. It's more, he has a gun, he'll either get a shot or not, and if he does, I'm hurt in a localized spot, or dead...

There's also the concept of hand to hand combat, killing a person right in front of you. Watching life leak out from the eyes...I don't think I could handle either the giving or taking...

I watched the clips with my students, I had no problem with present day warfare...but when it came to the old stuff, I kept flinching, looking away, and checking my body to make sure still in tact.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My students think I'm brilliant. I seem to know everything. All about the psychology and biology of phantom limbs, the nervous system, and God knows what else (this is just what came up today), when I'm just an English teacher.

I just happen to know, and remember...I mean I did take a course in Psychobiology. There are so many people out there that know just as much and probably way more than me...why do they not have the "name" that I have?

Come to think of it, how many adults have I been fooled by with this premise?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Everyone know...

I feel like everyone knows I didn't shower this morning. It's all in my hair. I feel it. It lays limp and exposed weighing down my head. And I feel dirt, grime, sweat and other things that I know aren't there, but just assume and associate with dirty people and hair.

and then,

"Wow, _______ you look great today. What did you do with your hair, I love the way its laying."



Congratulate me. I am experiencing my first ever headache. I've reached a real milestone in my life where I can massage my temples, pop Tylenol, and say my head is throbbing, pounding, killing and all the other things headache people say.

Don't know how people have them on a regular basis. I am not functioning and my face is exerting random spasms in response to the pain.

My students think I'm losing my mind.

Friday, December 19, 2008


There are some kinds of immaturity I don't get.

Yeah, I get the ego-centric attention seeking, but the point that some people demean themselves is mind boggling.

Like someone giggling/clearing throat through the PSATs.

Her entire class was either yelling at her to be quiet and her friends were making derisive comments disassociating themselves.

Yet she persists.

What does she gain?