Friday, December 19, 2008


There are some kinds of immaturity I don't get.

Yeah, I get the ego-centric attention seeking, but the point that some people demean themselves is mind boggling.

Like someone giggling/clearing throat through the PSATs.

Her entire class was either yelling at her to be quiet and her friends were making derisive comments disassociating themselves.

Yet she persists.

What does she gain?


  1. Maybe she thought it was funny? Maybe she gained some enjoyment from it. Or enjoyed annoying people and embarrassing herself, which isn't too good.

  2. She doesn't gain a single thing. In fact, she's probably totally mortified by her inability to control this nervous reaction.

    This is really important for you to realize as a teacher, because kids can really get down when teachers view their actions as immaturity/laziness/stupidity/whatever when in reality they just can't help it.

    ...or she could be immature. I'm just saying don't assume anything, especially since it is known that giggling can be a nervous reaction.


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